Live stream meditation

By Naima Workman
Posted in Events, on January 06, 2021

Join us every Sunday night at 6:30pm for 20 minutes of guided meditation with Naima. You do not need to know anything about meditation to participate, just show up and you will have access to the myriad benefits meditation has to offer.

A consistent meditation practice...

  • Reduces the impact of stress on your mind and body
  • Promotes emotional health and wellbeing
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Sharpens your attention and extends your attention span
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases compassion...In other words, makes you an overall cooler human being who is a pleasure to be around :)

    Everyone is welcome! All you need is something to sit on and access to Zoom. We recommend a bolster or meditation cushion, but anything that will keep you sitting upright comfortably will work. Sign up at least an hour before the session begins and you will get a Zoom link emailed to you. Click here to sign up!