July 7

Show Up and Shine! Summer Challenge

FREE to Enroll! 
Sunday, July 7th - Saturday, July 27th

21 classes in 21 days!

Commit to a daily practice with the best community in Boston for 21 days and discover how much better you’ll look and feel—how much stronger you’ll become and how bright you were meant to shine! 

If you’re really looking to transform your body, your spirit, and your life, do power yoga every day—you’ll be amazed by what happens! – B. Baptiste

Here are a few guidelines for the program:

  • There is no charge to enroll in Show Up and Shine! You are responsible for purchasing the appropriate class pass to cover classes during the challenge. 
  • If you miss a day, you can double up with two classes in one day. No more than 2 classes a day are permitted.

When you complete the challenge, you will receive a special Baptiste Power Yoga Boston prize that can only earned through showing up and shining bright!